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Indigenous Outdoors - 17 buck


Everett Moore shot this nice Oklahoma whitetail early December of this year. Shooting this buck with his Mathews Halon 6 on his Oklahoma land. Hunt was captured on film and the story will be on our Youtube page.

WPK bull

With the start of the 2017 season the hunt is underway and we have already began to create a collection of some great animals to hit the ground.  IO Pro staff member Yahsti Perkins Killer arrowed this great Montana Elk with his PSE bow. Indigenous Outdoors is off to a great start and with the season only just beginning keep up with us as the hunt continues across Indian Country.

Indigenous Outdoors Prostaff  member Yahsti puts it in his own words “Montana has been good! Creeping in front of this bull and his herd as they made their way to some meadows, I was able make it to 65 yards from Mr. Stud. Gapping my 60 and 70 yard pins, I let the arrow fly. The arrow hit exactly where I was aiming putting the bull down in short order.”

He stretched the tape at 367 7/8″!!! We love Montana!


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Indigenous Outdoors - 17 buck







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